Wonder Fest 2010 #02

A stock share of POOCH and DEVIE was sold out with Wonder Fest. I finish MAIL ORDER therefore.
Next time production is a plan of about summer.MAIL ORDER reopens after it.
Thank you.



Wonder Fest 2010

I stop MAIL ORDER of "pooch" and "Devie." I take stock in Wonder Fest of Kentucky.
Because I sell them for a booth of Kaibutsuya, a person wanting it can buy it there.
Thank you.



Devie & Pooch are available now!

DeviepoochPreparations of a mail order for overseas were regulated.
When you use a mail order, please access a mail order page of ACCEL HP.




Information about a mail order for overseas.

I prepare a mail order for overseas of ModelKit " DEVIE&POOCH".
I wait for Paypal and the access certification of my main bank currently.
I think that the certification is over after a few days. In addition, I use EMS for dispatch.
Because I consider a mail order to be able to start after a few days, please look forward to it for a while.

Thank you.